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Regeneratively Farmed in Louisiana
With Respect for the Land & Animals

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We borrow the earth from our children. 

Heal yourself and the planet through food.

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Our Promise to You:

✔️ Transparency in Food

✔️ 100% Grass-Fed (No Grain) Beef

✔️ No Antibiotics, Drugs, Hormones, or Steroids

✔️ Chemical & GMO Free

✔️ Humanely Raised on Pasture

✔️ Regeneratively farmed

✔️ Care for the environment 

✔️ Treat humans and animals with the utmost respect

Our mission is to provide you with the absolute best food possible! 

Naturally Tending Our Louisiana Property Since the 1960s

We transformed our family owned land because of a passion for regenerative agriculture. We want to light up the soil on every square foot of our farm while making a powerful contribution to the health of people, animals, and the planet.

Said simply, we want life to flourish on Baker Bayou!

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