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Ground Beef

Ground Beef

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Ground beef is a staple food in the family kitchen.

And for good reason, everyone likes it!

Your little ones, big kids, friends, and family all love ground beef classics like meatballs, meatloaf, burgers, and more!

Grass fed beef is high in healthy fats like omega-3’s and CLA. It is also good source of  B vitamins and iron.

Ground beef is one of the easiest and most economical ways to consume grass-fed and finished beef.

It is more affordable than more expensive cuts and puts to use many parts of the animal. 

Ground beef is a very versatile cooking ingredient that can be dressed up or dressed down to suit an endless amount of recipes!

Not to mention, ground beef freezes great, and Baker Bayou offers a discounted price on bulk ground beef orders with our 5 pack of ground beef.

Stock up your freezer with nutritious Louisiana grass-fed ground beef so you always have it on hand when you need it!

*Comes frozen and vacuum sealed in individual 1 lb packages.

What exactly do our cattle eat?

They are 99.9% grass-fed and finished!

Our cattle graze exclusively on our biodiverse Louisiana pastures.

The cattle forage on our diverse pastures for plants such as sorghum multiple types of clovers, plantain, chicory, small grains, brassicas, radishes, turnips, collards, buckwheat, cow peas, sunn hemp, sunflower, okra. There is the smorgasbord of native browse and grass species endemic to our area! 

We also use soybean meal as a protein supplement in the winter, only if we have to. Doing so allows the cattle to better utilize the dormant (low protein low nutrient) forage during the winter months that otherwise would be indigestible for them. The microbes in their rumens need a minimum amount of protein in order to effectively digest the forages they consume. We use small amounts of soybean meal because it is very high in protein and allows them to utilize the low protein forages we have on the farm during the winter.

Be part of our movement of people that are reinventing the food system.

Join our community of real food eaters looking to achieve the best health possible.

Together we are climate activists helping to heal the planet through the food we eat!

How to cook grass-fed beef?

Grass-fed beef tends to cook faster and dry out more easily than grain-fed beef.

The key is to keep it moist! Here are some tips:

  • Add in other ingredients to help keep it moist. Chopped onions, shredded veggies, tomato sauce, cheese, or butter all work great.
  • Reheat your cooking surface to get that perfect sear. Then, turn the heat down a notch to prevent over cooking.
  • A little added fat goes a long way! Adding oil, butter, or ghee to your cooking surface will help prevent sticking and add in some moisture.
  • And most importantly, don’t over cook. It’s best to pull the meat off the heat at around 140 degrees and let it rest. The beef will continue to cook a bit off the heat and raise in temperature another 5-10 degrees, this is called “carry over cooking”.